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Home Watch

Our main aim is to monitor the home owners property on a regular basis, this inspection can be 100% bespoke to your property and your needs. A home inspection service can be checking on your garaged vehicles to checking for ingress water and making sure your toilets are flushed each week. housekeeping services are available and also any repairs or maintenance you may need to keep your home in excellent condition. Homes that are vacant for long periods of time can confront electrical breakdowns and many other problems. Whether you are scheduling a visit to your home or just want to maintain it, Mid Florida Property Management LLC will make sure your house will be in perfect order for your arrival and enjoyment.

Under a signed “Residential Contract Agreement” we carry out custom inspections on a regular basis according to the client’s personal needs. Most homeowners prefer to determine the frequency of these inspections that could be on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance visit with a complete walkthrough of the inside and outside of the property. We only use licensed and insured local trades people and sub-contract for repair and maintenance of our homes.

Our Home Watch Services includes but it not limited to;

Interior Inspection:

  1. Run faucets for all sinks, showers and/or tubs.
    2.  Flush all toilets.
    3.  Run rinse cycle on dishwasher and washing machine to maintain machines.
    4.  Run garbage disposal to prevent premature failure.
    5.  Check doors and windows to see if they are closed, locked or for forced vandalism.
    6.  Open refrigerator/freezer to see if running properly or for mold growth if turned off.
    7.  Check thermostat.  Verify it is operational.
    8.  Check hot water heater for leaks and performance.
    9.  Check smoke detectors.  Change batteries as needed (*)
    10.  Check electrical box for tripped breakers; reset.
    11.  Reset clocks in the event of power outages or DST.
    12.  Check theft-deterrent timers; reset if power has been interrupted.
    13.  Inspect ceilings, doors, and windows for interior leaks.
    14.  Check interior spaces for mold or mildew.
    15.  Check interior for strange smells
    16.  Check for evidence of pests, rodents, or bugs.

* Batteries must be stocked by owner before leaving or additional fees will be charged to travel to purchase and install.

Exterior Inspection;

  1. Remove accumulated flyers and/or newspapers then put into trash can in garage
    2.  Visual inspection of exterior of home and grounds.
    3.  Confirm residential maintenance is up-to-date.
    4.  Check for signs of exterior pest/bugs
    5.  Check gates and outside storage are secure.
    6.  Start and/or run car, if requested.
    7.  Collect mail from receptacle, if requested.  (On premise only)
    8.  Check exterior guttering for plant weed growth (front ground level no ladders will be used)

How Watch Package Pricing;

Once a month (1X) Twice a month (2X) Four times a month (4X)
$55 $100 $195.00


Are you heading out of SW Florida this Winter or Summer?

Are you going on an extended vacation any time soon?

Leaving a home for extended periods of time can be fun. What’s not so fun, however, is returning home to a sink that’s been leaking for three months. When a home is sitting vacant, the possibility of problems is always present. What makes things serious though, is when there is no one around to catch them when they do happen.

Our Professional Home Watch Services are the perfect replacement/stand-in for snowbirds/absent property owners while you are away. Our routine 30-point inspection can catch any problems when and if they arise. To add to your peace of mind while you are away, we can also make sure that your hired services are being performed, check on your home after a serious storm, or even meet a delivery person at the door. Our services are usually classified as property management but we add the personal touch.

You can choose the frequency of visits that Home Away From Home makes to your residence: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Besides our basic 30-point inspection, you may also customize your personal home watch plan with additional items all you have to do is ask we can agree a price for the service and add it to your contract.